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I am an active community citizen and one of sound reputation.  I am a member of Clay and Cherokee County Chambers of Commerce. I am a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. Here are a few of my references:


Carl has maintained everything including the hot tub, outside maintenance such as bee's nests, caring for plants and most importantly repairs one of which was a plumbing problem which had it gone unnoticed we would have had a disaster. Carl inspects everything from the roof down to the basement, he monitors our supplies, changes AC filters and I can go on and on but I think whoever is reading this can see Carolina Home Watchers is great at what they do.


Stuart D. Tabman

This letter is an introduction to Mr. Carl Byxbee, owner of Carolina HomeWatchers, Inc., Hayesville, North Carolina.

I have known Mr. Byxbee for approximately ten years through a banking relationship in support of a business that he and his wife successfully owned in South Florida.  After years of success in this business, the Byxbees made a family decision to move to western North Carolina; a decision partially based upon finding a better environment to raise their children.

Mr. and Mrs. Byxbee are Christians; devoted to living a Christian life for themselves and their children.

As the owner of Carolina HomeWatchers, Inc., I am confident that Mr. Byxbee will provide the utmost accountability for the well being of your home while you're away.  You may be assured that the contract you have with Carolina HomeWatchers will be carried out to its fullest.

The Byxbees are honest, trustworthy, and responsible individuals.  Their core values as individuals are grounded in their faith, integrity and honesty. 

Mr. Byxbee will maintain these core values while watching over your home as if it were his own.

If you desire to seek additional information regarding the Mr. Byxbee, please feel free to call me at 828-361-8787.



Bob Allen


Bob Allen

President & C.E.O.

Allen Capital Group

Dear Carl,


We wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving us peace of mind over the last year since Carolina Home Watchers came on board. As you know, this property is our 2nd home and an investment that we wish to protect. We truly appreciate your dependability and the weekly reports you send via email. Knowing you are there to check on the house during the winter is extremely important to us. You have always been available to take phone calls and always respond promptly to our email inquiries. We truly appreciate you.



Charles & Elizabeth Lane

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